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Earn money by offering webhosting on your website

You can make money without effort. All you have to do is place a link to our website. When someone clicks the Mediawax partner link, the ip address will be saved on our database and linked to your partner account.

In case this person registrates as a new customer from this ip address within 48 hours, you will receive a share of the percentage this customer spends on webhosting.

By creating an account, you will receive a starting amount of 5 euro on your bank account. So if you link many customers through to our website, you can earn a nice monthly income without any effort.


  • - Starting amount of 5 euro
  • - You earn 20% of what other people spend
  • - Payment from 15 euro
  • - In case a customer prolongs their account, you will receive 20% of this amount
  • - Payment within 7 workdays

For who?

The partner programme is ideal for webdesigners, advertising agencies, teachers...

Do you own an advertising business or offer yourself as webdesigner, or do you teach in school and what to give your students that extra knowledge? Then you have come to the right place for all your hosting activities.

The more customers you accommodate for us, the more money you earn. It's a win-win situation.

Readymade banners

You will receive readymade banners you might use on your websites.All you have to do is to paste a piece of HTML in your source files to earn money off your websites.
You can find these banners in the customer changelog.